across the meandering miles you are with me as is the mid-October sky balmy, starlit, fluctuant; i watched you teach the tall writing-board occupied by truths, theories, thoughts sparkling in the slant of dust-filled light; or during practice, we sat before you, doing caught up in self-doubt, oblivious to what to how my eyes rising […]

precisely as i remember it — only now, stronger still, more nimble, like hands. in this voice people put their future (or in many voices like this) drawing them up from invisible wells, steering wheels out of labyrinths, holding a human face. such voices could pilot helicopters through crises-riven regions on rescue-missions, carry out open-heart […]

A top-of-the-range microwave A fame-seeking humility A dream holiday on a one-way ticket A perfectly made bed with soiled sheets An opera whose orchestra is on leave Last chapter in the book after the plot’s ended A wedding-ring in the safe-deposit box A school of self-destruction A secure house locked from both inside and out […]

such wr o n g-nes s the cobbled s treets are empty( everybody is i n bed except h er a crumpled coca- cola can r o l l i n g down the d rain): wind and t he moon and stepsandsteps

so.still. un(o nly)stir ring — ar( tree)e(i n)you(th e)a sl(night) eep

I met his melancholy between the lines Mid-way into his life story He was standing by a dusty road Wearing a blue poncho A rucksack against his feet Slowing to look more closely I saw him crunching toward the car And pulled over “The nearest town,” he heaved Climbing in, his week-old stubble Filling my […]

i. So, you sit watching a silent film of your unborn past, as you watch the unfolding drama by an anonymous writer. And there you are, walking down a path in the old country, weaving through thickets into the woods, where you step inside a shrine built two thousand years ago, not knowing what it […]